Maguey Detail. Photograph by Douglas Favero Photography – is an online listing and resource for all things mezcal, aimed at helping both new and old aficionados of this unique spirit find the experience they’re looking for, whether it’s discovering a particular brand, locating a mezcal-centric restaurant or bar, tracking down a tour or an event, or simply pursuing information to learn more about it and how to keep it sustainable. 

Xcalli’s vision is to be the go-to resource for lovers of mezcal. We aim to do this by keeping our listings attractive, informative, up-to-date, and reviewable, and by respecting mezcal as a unique spirit with a storied tradition that deserves to be preserved.

The name Xcalli comes from the Nahuatl root of the word, mezcal. Metl means maguey, the plant, and xcalli means cooked. It is this “cooked” or roasted feature of mezcal which distinguishes it from tequila.